Forget Rains, It’s Raining Profits For Bimbisara

All the blaming on ticket prices, rains and improper publicity has just washed out with just one film doing the much needed wonder.

One could proudly say that Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is the true blue blockbuster that is actually proving one thing again- Bet on the content, and you’ll be rewarded big time.

If the first weekend collections of Bimbisara are anything to go by, the film has already slipped into Rs 3 crores profit for all the distributors together.

In the first three days of release, the movie collected Rs 18 crores share from all the territories. While it recorded Rs 15.5+ crores share, Overseas contributed a crore and another 1.5 crores came from other states. With the film’s theatricals sold out for just Rs 15 crores, Bimbisaara making it out Rs 3 crores profits for all the stakeholders, is a real massive feat.

And with almost no opposition, though Sitaramam is doing super good in the class centres, Bimbisara is likely to post some career best figures for Kalyanram after a long time.

Also, the disappointed producers, distributors and exhibitors will be feeling quite happy with the way a newcomer director like Vassisht Mallidi did the unthinkable. More power to you Kalyanram and Team!