Anasuya’s Item Song Fails To Make Noise

These are the days when every filmmaker is expecting their item song to create huge noise. And that depends on two things, one is the tune of the song they have come up with and the other one is surely the dancing diva inside the song. If everything goes right then that song will turn out to be Oo Antava from Pushpa or Ra Ra Rakkamma from Vikrant Rona. 

Coming to the point, from saying that she will not be doing an item song even if it is a Pawan Kalyan’s film to doing an item number in Sai Dharam Tej’s movie because the lyric was written on her name, Jabardasth fame anchor Anasuya has her own share of expertise with item numbers. But then, she has done another such special song that goes by the lyric Keka Keka in the film “Pandu God” in which she’s also doing a key role. 

While the song looks like a perfect item number, neither Anasuya’s glamour dose nor the song tune are attractive. These days item girls are looking more fit and fabulous than heroines, and Anasuya’s glamour treat doesn’t even make any sense in those standards. At the same time, the filming and dance choreography are also looking very ordinary. Earlier Anasuya’s item song in the movie Chaavukaburu Challaga also ended up as a dud only. 

Guess what, this is a film being presented by K Raghavendra Rao and directed by writer Sreedhar Seepana. One wonders what made Anasuya do this song.