Will Dulquer Salmaan Change His Decision Now?

Back then the likes of Surya, Karthi and even Vikram enjoyed a cult following in Telugu states and the audience loved them to see as both lover boys as well as action stars. Before that, there is Madhavan who always got loved to be seen as a lover boy but the audience never accepted him as a mass star here. And here’s this hero who is struck between the same image now.

During the promotions of the Sitaramam movie, Malayalam actor Dulquer Salman declared that he’s tired of this romantic hero image and doesn’t want to do lover-boy kinds of films anymore. However in recent times, both his lover boy acts in films like Hey Sinamika and massy roles in movies like Kurup haven’t worked out. At this juncture, Sitaramam turned out to be a blockbuster and everyone is hailing that Dulquer is flawless as Lituenant Ram in the movie.

So the big question is, will Dulquer change his mind now and continues to do movies like OK Bangaram, Hey Sinamika and Sitaramam or changes his path? Only a few young heroes like Karthi have so far successfully overturned their lover boy image and we have to see what happens with Dulquer.