What Went Wrong In Macherla?

After doing mass films for a decade and scoring only flops, talented hero Nihin has reinvented himself with Ishq and he continued the saga. While some of his films didn’t work, many films like A Aa, Bheeshma, and Maestro got applause, while the likes of Check have proven him as a talented actor. But then came Macherla Niyojakavargam.

Reports are coming out that director SR Sekhar, who happens to be a popular editor, wanted to make a fun commercial movie with the hero. Owing to the fact that he has edited numerous flop films and hit films, he might have done something better than many newcomers.

However, in a bid to deliver the ultimate commercial potboiler, Sekhar alias Rajasekhar Reddy did nothing but mix up various commercial tracks to create one powerful track but lost touch on the script in due process.

For the kind of films SR Sekhar has done in the past as an editor, none would expect him to come up with a half-baked product. Many who have seen the movie got shocked to see how come even Nithin has accepted such a routine script, but insiders are saying that it is the director who made him blindly believe in the story and the narative.

Surely that would be a shocker for Nithin, but for SR Sekhar he has to focus more on writing the script rather than pulling off controversies and showcasing his fanism.