Don’t Call Me A Superstar -Vijay Devarakonda

After a long tour across India, finally, the team of “Liger” has come to the Telugu heartland to promote the film. Featuring Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Panday in the lead, the film is produced by Karan Johar and directed by none other than Puri Jagan. Known for his effervescent speeches, Vijay has once again taken fans for a ride in Warangal as they have hosted the first event of the film there.

“To whichever corner I go today across India, I’m being showered with lots of love. And that showering of love started here in Warangal, and from the people of Andhra and Telangana. Definitely, for all the love you’re showcasing, I will give it back through my films” said Vijay D, praising the audience.

Talking about the film, he stated that the film is going to become ‘Block.. Block.. Blockbuster’. Using the trait of stammering that his character in Liger has, Vijay said, “There are no doubts about the movie, it is going to become a blockbuster. August 25th, Aag laga denghe”. At the same time, he added that the story of Liger is about a mom and son going to Mumbai all the way from Karimnagar, to make it big. He connected this to the Liger team’s journey.

“I’m like a son, Puri is my father and Charmme is my mother. We went to Mumbai to make it big and tell the world something. On 25th we need your support to make it happen” he articulated. As he was saying all these things, the crowds went berserk, shouting ‘Superstar’ chants. But Vijay has a point ot make.

“I did nothing here. It will take me years and more of good work to be called a Superstar. I feel it bit uneasy when you call me superstar” he concluded.