Rumour: Hot Anchor Showing Stars To Show Producers

She is one of the hottest anchors in Telugu arena as she indulges in unwanted skin shows even during live chats on Instagram. And this hottie has dared Covid-19 situation as well in order to come back to work. But here comes the twist as her skin show is getting more attention than ever.

Apparently she is part of one the highly hyped Telugu TV show and continues to do a fabulous job for the show. But then, the hottie is not interested to work for the same pay she was paid earlier. As she is risking coronavirus pandemic and also stealing the show with her spiciest treats, the lady is said to be demanding huge remuneration now.

After shooting for a couple of episodes, she is said to have conveyed her inability to continue the hosting unless she is given a pay hike. Already she is reaping huge from the producers of the show as she rose to expensive cars and exclusive villa kind of range after hosting this show, but then, she wants more.

Well, with star heroes and heroines demanding to hike the pay just after one hit film, no doubt, this anchor is following the same routine.