Mia Khalifa Shares Mahanati Savithri’s Picture!

Sometimes, things happen that we never even imagine. Here is one such instance where the world-famous former adult actress shared a picture of one of the greatest actresses in our country.

Mia Khalifa needs no introduction though many deny it. For the unversed, she is a super popular celebrity known for her films in the adult industry. Well, the woman is very vocal about women’s empowerment and feminism. Today, Mia shared a post on her Instagram post with a picture of our Mahanati Savithri in it.

Mia Khalifa shared a post from the Instagram page ‘thedesifeminist’ that happened to have a meme with Savithri and another veteran actress in it. Though the context is entirely different, the folks who knew that they are from two different fields and worlds, are finding it interesting to see Mia Khalifa sharing a meme on Savithri.

Earlier, Mia Khalifa tweeted in support of the farmers’ protests in 2021, along with Rihanna and Greta Thunberg.