Amul Cartoon On Rana’s Wedding Is Just Wow!

Any sensational, great and viral news often gets the attention of ‘Amul’ cartoons team and immediately they craft an interesting cartoon around it. Sometimes these cartoons pay respect, sometimes they criticise and most of the times these Amul cartoons entertain the newsreaders.

The big news is that Amul has now honoured Rana Daggubati as well with their latest cartoon as they celebrated his wedding. Calling it as a “The Daggubutterly Wedding”, Amul even advises the handsome hunk “Rana, Ye Khana”. Needless to say, Rana is a huge star post Baahubali and that is the reason Amul has decided to honour the actor with this cartoon tribute.

Though Rana has got married amidst just 50 members due to the Covid-19 ensured lockdown restrictions in place, his wedding with event-planner Miheeka Bajaj became a sensation as many got a glimpse of it through VR video arranged by Suresh Babu. And this ‘Amultoon’ tells us how viral that is. Anyway, the wedding is just wow!!

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