#Nihchay Highlights: Mega Cousins Mega Bonding

Though it is a strictly family affair, finally some of the videos from mega daughter Niharika’s engagement started to come out. They gave a sneak peek of how things went inside the tightly knit affair, and how mega cousins bonded with each other.

Apparently one video showcases Ram Charan and Upasana giving a ‘hi-five’ to mother Surekha and it explains the bonding between them. Later, Allu Arjun is seen holding hands with Charan and asking him to sit by his side. The way these two cousins spoke to each other, by whispering something in their ears, with their masks on, surely tell the world that they are thick friends more than cousins.


As Charan missed out in the picture of ‘mega cousins’ that was shot at AMB Cinemas last year, now Bunny made sure that he would call Charan and Upasana to the photo session even though they are about to leave. Finally, all the cousins posed together for the picture, making it one of the highest shared picture on Telugu twitter and other social media pages.

Ever since these videos are out, mega fans are amazed by the camaraderie between Charan and Bunny, and they are wondering when these two will do a multi-starrer together.