Garikapati’s Ultimatum To Chiru, Naga Babu Reacts

The Aalai Balai event held in Hyderabad has Chiranjeevi as the chief guest and many other popular people attended it. Megastar Chiranjeevi mentioned almost all the celebrities at the event and praised Garikapati Narasimha Rao who is very popular for literary performances and Vedanta.

In an awkward and unexpected way, Chiranjeevi faced a shock from Garikapati later at the same event. While Garikapati was speaking, women and youngsters came up on the stage to get a picture with Chiranjeevi and the megastar also obliged. Looking at everybody’s attention moving to Chiru’s photo session on stage, Garikapati in a discontented tone asked Chiru to stop the photo session right away and come to him or he will leave the event.

Garikapati said, ‘Akkada motham photo session aagipothe nenu matladathanu. Lekapothe vellipothaanu naakemi mohamatam ledu. Chiranjeevi garu dayachesi meeru aa photo session aapesi ee pakkaki randi, nenu matladathanu. Chiranjeevi gariki naa vignapthi, photo session aapesi ikkadiki raavali. ledha naaku selavu ippinchandi.’

Garikapati giving an ultimatum to Chiranjeevi in public has shocked all. The social media discussions have supported both sides, while Naga Babu reacted to the incident. He wrote, ‘ఏపాటి వాడికైనా చిరంజీవి గారి ఇమేజ్ చూస్తే ఆ పాటి అసూయ పడటం పరిపాటే ..’. Needless to explain that Naga Babu’s ‘pati’ rhyming is all for the Garikapati incident and he meant that getting jealous of Chiru’s image is common.