Mega Fans Showing The Troll Avadanam To Garikapati

It is already known that the tussle that took place at an Alai Balai program in Hyderabad when popular avadahani Garikapati Narasimha Rao felt his speech getting disrupted due to fans gathering around the Megastar to take selfies. As he announced on the mic that he would leave the venue if Chiranjeevi won’t stop giving pictures to those fans, it sounded a bit like a shocker, though the Megastar obliged it.

While mega brother Nagababu has already thrown a satire on it through his tweet that Garikapati is feeling jealous of Megastar’s image, mega fans are not leaving the issue easily. They are digging out all the old videos of Avadhani where he spoke against feminism with his cheap comments on heroines. Same time he recently made some sensational comments against movies like Pushpa too. Taking all of these out, popular journalists and Megastar’s fans have targeted Garikapati big time.

The news is now coming out that a prominent person from the Mega fanbase has reached out to Garikapati, explaining to him the way he’s getting trolled right now. To stop things from escalating further, the Avadhani is said to have promised that he will call Megastar Chiru over the phone today, to cool down things. But this talk is also not going well with fans now.

“If Garikapati could feel jealous and insult Megastar publicly with his rude behavior, why can’t he apologize to him in public, rather than on a phone call?” a fan posted, on his social media page now. “We (mega fans) are in a happy space because Godfather rocked, and he (Garikapati) is in an unhappy mood because his recent speeches are not getting attention. Leave him bro!” another fan’s post read.