Buzz: ‘Sequel’ Scene Eating Sukumar’s Brain

Creative director Sukumar is taking further time such that he would find the right locations to kickstart the shooting of “Pushpa 2”. Even the movie’s team has given enough feelers that the film featuring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles will go to sets only after the Diwali festival. Here comes an interesting snippet now.

With “Pushpa: The Rise” being a massive hit across the nation, now the makers are coming up with a gigantic and striking product through “Pushpa: The Rule” aka Pushpa 2 such that audience will cheer for the film more. During the script discussions for the second part, the whole team is said to have advised Sukumar to leave the scope for another sequel which they could make maybe a couple of years later if not immediately.

Even though KGF maker Prashanth Neel denied KGF 3, he has given a hint in KGF 2 towards the end that there will be another unread draft in the libraries of the narrator. That is more like giving a breadcrumb to the audience that they might come up with yet another sequel. We hear that even Sukumar is currently brainstorming a lot to come up with a similar scene towards the end of Pushpa 2, which will leave an impact on the audience about the possible sequel, Pushpa 3.

Various ideas are said to be eating Sukumar’s brain right now though he has to carve only one scene in the end. Let’s see what is he going to do.