‘Wow… Wow… Wow… ‘ Kangana’s review on Kantara

Kangana Kantara Review
Kangana Kantara Review

Actress Kangana Ranaut often makes it to the headlines due to some controversy. But now, she is making it to the news not for controversy but for praising a film. Kangana happened to watch the recent Kannada release Kantara and she loved it to the core.

She said that watching Kantara is an explosive experience. She stated that she won’t recover from this experience at least for a week.

After watching Kantara, Kangana shared an Instagram story and revealed her experience. She said, “I just watched the film Kantara with my family. I am still shaking. What an explosive experience. Rishab Shetty, Hats off to you. Writing, directing, acting, action…brilliant. Unbelievable.”

“What a fine blend of folklore, tradition, and indigenous issues. What beautiful photography, action and thriller. This is what cinema is. This is what films are for. The theatrical experience was unbelievable,” she further added.

She said that she heard people saying that they never watched a film like this. Kangana concluded by saying, “I don’t think I am gonna recover from this experience for another week. Wow… Wow… Wow…”

Apart from acting, Rishab Shetty also wrote and directed the project. Kantara is having a sensational run in Kannada, Hindi and Telugu.