Why Does Ram Charan Need These Peanuts?

Sometimes the way celebrities and big producers bank on certain things make tongues wagging. This is not because of the shock factor but because of the ‘why so’ factor that keeps lingering in the minds. Here is what happened the last couple of days after many watching ‘Acharya’ motion poster on YouTube.

Cut to the point, whenever anyone opens the “Konidela Production Company” YouTube channel and plays the Acharya motion poster, the first thing they will get an unskippable YouTube ad.

While the likes of T-series, Aditya Music and other popular channels also follow the same pattern, the thing is, Ram Charan’s own channel of his production house, featuring his own father’s movie teaser, should not have kept those ads.

Hardly the video will general anywhere between 5-10 lakhs revenue through the ad monetisation it goes beyond 10 million views, but the ads are killing the enthusiasm and patience of the audiences who want to catch up with the teaser.

Considering the fact that this money is peanuts before what Charan makes from the movie as a producer, many wonder why he is killing the experience of fans and audiences.

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