Cool Down! That’s Niharika Konidela’s Old Tattoo

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela has suddenly upped her glam game if her latest clicks are anything to go by. By slipping into some crazy fashion outfits, she’s putting up a jaw-dropping glamour treat on display, thus inviting lots of discussion on her looks. But when she shared a few #throwback pictures from her recent vacation other day, people started to talk about her tattoo.

Apparently, Niharika shared pictures from her all-girls trip to Turkey yesterday, where she gave insights into what she has done there. In that picture where she slipped into a bikini top and did kayaking, she got shot from the back and that tattoo on her right shoulder blade is visible. It is a bird flying, with the letters NK etched below it. This led to many believing that she might have gotten that tattoo inked in Turkey, and some admirers are going gaga over it. The fact is that, it is an old tattoo.

Niharika got that tattoo inked almost 5 years ago and shared a picture of it earlier. But then, the tattoo got displayed to the public after a long time, and with public memory being short, everyone is feeling that she has got it inked recently. Earlier the tattoos of Samantha, Nayantara and even Taapsee used to carry a similar craze, and looks like the mega daughter’s time has come now.