Is Hanu-Man Teaser Better Than Adipurush?

Going by the comments being made on director Prashanth Varma’s “Hanu-Man” teaser that was released today, a section of the audience could be seen saying that it is better than “Adipurush” movie. Well, for the kind of glitches in the visual effects of Adipurush, one feels that a ₹30 crores budgeted VFX film is better than a ₹200 crore budgeted film. But here is the main case.

We have to say that Hanu Man is good in terms of visual effects for its budget, but that doesn’t mean it is superior to Adipurush. The Prabhas starrer is a completely mythological film that needs every character to appear like people from the Tretha Yugam. Here in Hanu Man there are no such requirements as everyone is shown as a modern human but only the hero will become that superpower. If we compare, the VFX work in Hanu Man is pretty lesser than what should be done for Adipurush.

At the same time, most of the visual effects work shown in Hanu Man teaser is only computer-generated imagery but there is no integration of human elements in a big way. Those mountains, waters, and snow caves are created in CG, and then the teaser shows that there is nowhere live-action is integrated into them, except in some shots where green-screen shot footage is placed on CG plates. Coming to Adipurush, the whole of the characters need to interact with the 3D world for the recreation of Tretha Yugam, and that is a tough job.

So, Hanu-man is good for its budget, and Adipurush could be made better for its budget, and there is no way these two could be compared in terms of visual effects work.