Why Telugu Heroines Must Wear Decent Clothes? 

It really takes time and this time on earth will not be enough for any psychologist even to understand the mindsets of a few folks. If the comments being made on the recent pictures of some Telugu sirens are anything to go by, one wonders why such advice is given to these hotties. 

One of the most made comments on the latest Instagram pictures of these rising starlets like Sreemukhi and Ashu Reddy is that they should be wearing some decent clothes. With Sreemukhi posting more sexy pictures these days as she slipped into a pink gown with a deep-cut neck other day, she is facing the music from some trollers as they are asking her to wear more orthodox clothes. The same is the case with Ashu Reddy who is slipping into Victoria’s Secret lingerie and posing for photographs. 

Guess what, all those folks who are worried about these revealing outfits of Sreemukhi and Ashu are the ones who are also following Disha Patani and Janhvi Kapoor, and going gaga over the bikini treats of those sirens. Well, what dress they should wear is their choice and you could like the picture if you love their look or simply ignore it, but who are we anyway to moral police that they should wear decent clothes?

On one side, we speak against the brutal suppression of women’s rights in Iran, and on other side, we advise our heroines and actresses to wear decent clothes. Cut this hypocrisy first, as the right to choice of dress should be strictly vesting with the woman wearing it.