Is the killer in HIT2 a girl?

After the teeth were shown in the trailer of Adivi Sesh’s HIT2, several parallels have been drawn with heroine Meenakshi Chaudhary’s beautiful smile. While Adivi Sesh dismissed such speculation with a sarcastic tweet, people are wondering if it’s an intentional mislead, so as to not spoil the experience for the audience. Regardless, the idea of a woman killing women is very interesting and requires strong reasoning.

However, Sesh says he can’t reveal the main twist of the movie. “Just as important as who the killer is, why he/she’s doing the crimes is equally important. The reason will stun you for sure.”

Sesh earlier did a couple of thrillers, but he says HIT2 is completely a different film from them. “The two thrillers I did were emotional movies. They were of soft nature. HIT2 scared me. The investigation process thrills in the first part. The fear that the killer is able to create in everyone’s minds and hearts including my character is the strength of HIT2.”

The actor is always very clear that the producer of his film should not suffer losses. “HIT2 is the first big film on Wall Poster Cinema with a bigger canvas and a bigger scale. However, something that I follow for every film is I always make sure distributors and exhibitors are also safe. Everyone should make profits. We didn’t mean to encash the success of Major. The prices were kept reasonable for the reason that everyone should flourish. It’s a very beautiful decision taken by Nani.”

Sesh says it’s a big privilege that people come to theatres and spend money to watch movies. “I take the privilege seriously. I work really hard and make sure I keep up that respect.”