Poonam Kaur Suffers From Fibromyalgia, What’s It?

Ever since ace heroine Samantha Ruth Prabhu was diagnosed with myositis, a very small rumour concerning any heroine is actually shaking up film lovers. Other day it has come out that even former heroine Poonam Kaur is down with Fibromyalgia, and that is worrying some fans now. What happened to her anyway?

According to an official statement from National Handloom Day creator, Poonam suffered back pain on November 12th while she was on her way to attend a program of Brahmakumaris in Delhi. After heading to Kerala for treatment, on Nov 18th it was diagnosed that she is suffering from Fibromyalgia. She’s said to be stable after an Ayurvedic treatment and currently resting in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Like Myositis, even Fibromyalgia is also not curable but a condition that is much safer than the former disease. Like how Myositis affects the movements of muscles, here in Fibromyalgia, painful sensations in muscles do increase and also affect memory functioning too. However, Poonam’s condition is said to be far from danger now but she has to make lots of lifestyle changes to recover from the condition, while there is no permanent cure for it.

Recently Poonam was seen walking hand in hand with Rahul Gandhi during the Congress scion’s Bahrat Jodo Yatra. After getting crowned as Miss Andhra Pradesh, Poonam made her film debut as a heroine with SV Krishna Reddy’s Mayajalam in 2006.