Rumour: Quarantined Singer Turns Corona Positive?

An interesting rumour is coming out from the star hotel in Hyderabad city where the contestants of an upcoming reality show are kept in the rooms from the last couple of weeks as part of the quarantine routine before taking them aboard the show. And shocking news is said to have disturbed the plans of the program organisers other day.

While all the contestants who are kept in quarantine are tested two weeks prior, that is before sending them in there, and now that there is only one more week for the show to begin, they have conducted a second round of Covid-19 test. Much to their shocker, one of the singers of Tollywood, who was supposed to be on the show, has turned out to be positive. This has shocked everyone in the crew because many of them are actually interacting with that person from the last week.

However, they are said to have sent the singer for another test whose results are still awaited, in order to see if this person is really positive or there is some lapse in the test. Apparently, if a person in quarantine tests positive, that means there is some sort of outside connection in order to get affected by a coronavirus. Hope they are checking all such things carefully such that nothing untoward takes place during the course of the show.

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