YouTube Shows The Real Place Of ‘Pushpa’!

One of the tremendous hits that surprised the box office towards the end of 2021 is none other than Allu Arjun’s Pushpa movie. The movie not only turned out to be a surprising hit at the Bollywood box office with a stunning collection but on a whole, it made Allu Arjun a star across the nation and even brought immense fame to the whole project. And not to forget, the songs have really made this happen in the first place. 

When the album of “Pushpa” got released, many trolled ace music composer Devi Sri Prasad for scoring a simple album. But as time passed, songs like Srivalli, Saami Saami, and Oo Antava have stood against time to become all time best hits across the nation. In their annual journal of presenting the best of the year, YouTube has now officially confirmed the same. In the annual list of “2022 A Year On YouTube”, the Indian list featured the 10 best music videos that did exceptionally well on the video streaming site, and Pushpa took many slots.

The Hindi version of Pushpa songs has clocked humongous views, with Srivalli getting 544 million views, Saami Saami at 490 million views taking the Top 2 slots. And Oo Antava’s Hindi version is in 6th place with 344 million views, while the Telugu version is in 7th place. Other toppers on the list are Arabic Kuthu Lyrical Video (2nd Place), Kacha Badam (4th Place), and Arabic Kuthu video song (9th) apart from others. 

Surprisingly, there is no single Bollywood song that took place in the Top 10 slots on YouTube for 2022, and that is another shocker for the Hindi circuit.