‘Aa Naluguru’ Decoded.. Any Doubts?

Time and again, Producers Council is coming up with announcements addressed to distributors and exhibitors that dubbing films should not be allowed during the primary festival seasons like Sankranthi and Dasara. Many thought that the likes of Allu Arvind, Dil Raju and Suresh Babu will address the media regarding this, and answer the issues raised by Council. But the three took to TV programs to voice their opinion, and that stunned all. 

While taking part in Open Heart with RK, producer Dil Raju explained about how many theatres he owns and how the distribution system is going on right now. He even questioned what is the problem of the Producers Council when the producers of movies that are getting released on Sankranthi eve don’t have a problem with the clash. Taking to Aha’s Unstoppable, even Allu Arvind and Suresh Babu echoed similar opinions. 

“When theatres are dying, and the business is going down, it’s we who took theatres and modified them to suit the needs of audience and started exhibiting more films. Literally, we have revived the theatres, so there is nothing like we own (or lease) many theatres when we did help the business thrive. So accusing that we have theatres is wrong” said Allu Arvind when the host Balayya questioned him about being ‘Aa Naluguru’. 

When asked about the theatres that will be given to big films for Sankranthi, Suresh Babu made an interesting statement. “Back in the day, my production ventures never used to get theatres in Nizam. That’s when I started acquiring theatres. Even now, big films will get theatres based on their relationship with distributors and exhibitors. Some films will suffer. And some people will blame us, but I will not be worried about it” he asserted. 

“Depending on the relation between producers, their distributors and exhibitors, each film will get theatres. Surprisingly, we (Arvind & Suresh) are not distributors of any of those movies” added Suresh. 

This looks like all three, including Arvind, Raju and Suresh are under the same umbrella of opinion when it comes to answering the Producers Council.