Connect Trailer: Lady Superstar’s Horror Thriller

New-aged horror thrillers are hard to come by. Going by the trailer of Nayanthara’s Connect, that was released a short while ago, we are in for a winning horror thriller with a fresh and unique concept.

The trailer stars with the note “24 hours before national lockdown” and it then goes on to introduce the happy family of Nayanthara. But then is when things go wrong as Nayan’s daughter Ammu get possessed by a paranormal creature.

Those interacting with Nayan through digital mediums keep hearing a strange and paranormal sound. What is the sound? How is it connected with the demonic possession of Nayanthara’s daughter. Then there’s another note which reads “The devil doesn’t go away quietly.”

From the halfway point in the trailer, there are many horrific shots and there’s also an exorcism track with Anupam Kher. The background score is high pitched and it sounds haunting. The dark visuals have a spooky vibe.

The trailer promises that Connect is a 99-mniute long horror fest. Also, this film doesn’t have an intermission so the viewers are in for an immersive horror thriller ride.

The film is directed by Ashwin Saravanan who previously delivered super hit horror film, Mayuri with Nayan. The duo is back with Connect now. The film is being released by UV Creations in Telugu.