Dil Raju: I’m Targeted Because I’m Glamorous!

The whole and sole face of Vijay’s Varasudu in Tollywood is none other than producer Dil Raju. Though he could have got Vijay and heroine Rahsmika Mandanna to promote the movie, currently the producer is promoting the movie himself, and making interesting comments during the interviews.

“All the theatre issues will be sorted in January 1st week only, until then, there will be no clear pictures. But because Varasudu is my own production, surely I’ll position the film in all the best theatres I’ve in hand” says Dil Raju, explaining that he will release the film in all of his 35 theatres in Uttarandhra, while there are 165 theatres in total in that area. This revelation is no shocker, but when pointed out that other biggies are not getting theatres, the producer reiterated that this is purely a business call.

Talking about the say some people from Producers Council are hitting him, he quips, “To become a hero in the film industry, everyone is going to media and targeting me. I wonder if they are targeting me because I’m a big glamorous”.

And then, Raju also pointed out where are these so-called saviours when corporate giants are not giving enough theatres or the number of theatres a producer wanted. “For example, the popular multiplex chain PVR is there. Whether it is a Dil Raju film or any other hero’s film, they will give theatres only based on their own will and process. Can anyone from the industry go and ask PVR why they are not giving enough screens? They won’t”, the producer articulated.

Well, there is no stopping for Dil Raju provided the fact that he will release VArasudu on his own in almost four districts in the two Telugu states.