Director’s Speech Superhit Than The Trailer Itself

Sometimes the success of a film also depends on the mindset of the technicians involved, especially that of the director. Because if a director is rock steady and confident about the output he carved, surely the audience will believe that the film is good even if the film doesn’t satisfy critics. Right now, “Dhamaka” director Nakkina Trinadha Rao is spreading similar vibes. 

Last night at the pre-release event of the film in Hyderabad, Trinadha Rao made sure to split everyone into laughs and gave goosebumps to fans with his speech.

He hasn’t lifted any artist or technician to the sky but stated big things about the movie using a choice of expletive words like ‘Denemma Jeevitham’, ‘eedemma action’, ‘Seetlu Egiripadtaai’. And then he added, “Everyone calls Raviteja as an energetic star, but Dhamaka will show you what his energy really is”. 

In recent times, no director was seen as confident as Trinadha Rao when it comes to talking about their just releasing film. Saying that the output is terrific, he went on articulating that he will be speaking more about the movie only after its release, at the success meet. Well, let us see what happens.