Buzz: Koratala Siva’s Way Of Dealing Things

Other day finally director Koratala Siva has appeared on Telugu News Channels to give clarity to writer and aspiring director Rajesh Manduri over the latter claims that Acharya story belongs to him. And the way Koratala has dealt the situation has really mesmerised everyone and also taught a lesson as to how one should deal with things.

Apparently Koratala hasn’t even lost his cool and never shouted on the other person who accused him of plagiarism. But he has cooly conveyed that the story what Rajesh is narrating is not even the plotline of Acharya. However, when Rajesh rebutted that fact and went on saying that maybe Koratala is making a film with a copied story, then the director got irked a bit. But then, he has asked, “I’m conveying on-record that my story is different and in four months, people will know if I’m telling truth or not. And how dare you would say that I’m making a film with your (Rajesh’s) story?”.

But a concerned Koratala advised the writer, “Don’t waste your time fighting with me or for that story. Acharya is a totally different subject, and you could go ahead to bounce your story to big heroes. Make a good film, score a blockbuster and become a big director. I wish you good luck”. After the kind of ruckus Rajesh has created, none would react that way, but Koratala is way too different. That’s why his films consist of heroes with loads of ideologies, philosophies and more importantly ethics.

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