When Anil Kapoor Suggested To Watch NTR’s Film

At the end of the year, almost every leading Bollywood media house is hosting some roundtable interviews with actors, directors and filmmakers. During one such interview, every actor who attended the program was asked to suggest a film that young actors should watch to learn better acting. And here comes the interesting part.

The likes of Adivi Sesh and Mrunal Thakur have suggested aspiring actors watch some Bollywood films, while Bollywood hero Ayushman Khurrana felt that everyone should watch Dileep Kumar’s Ram Aur Shyam first. In that Hindi film that was released in 1967, Dileep Kumar played a dual role and his performance is top notch. Not many know that this film is produced by Chakrapani-Nagireddy and directed by Telugu filmmaker Tapi Chanakya.

At that time, Anil Kapoor, who is also present on the talk show, stated that one should watch the original film Ramudu-Bheemudu done by NTR in Telugu and another version done by MGR in Tamil. “You should also watch the performances of NTR and MGR in those movies too. They are also terrific” said Anil, suggesting everyone watch those films.

NTR’s Ramudu Bheemudu was released in 1964, while the same director Chanakya remade it in Tamil with MGR as Enga Veettu Pilla in 1965. The film was remade in Hindi as Ram Aur Shyam, while in Malayalam as Ajayanum Vijayanum in 1976.