Everyone Waiting For Chiru’s Response?

Ever since Rajesh Manduri came out in the open, accusing director Koratala Siva of copying his story for Acharya, there was a buzz coming from some quarters that Megastar Chiranjeevi should have intervened into the issue. While Koratala appeared on TV and clarified it once for all, and assured that he himself will now take the issue to Chiranjeevi garu for his understanding, detractors are saying that the matinee idol should open the doors of his fortress for the common man.

After the demise of Dasari Narayana Rao, many want Chiranjeevi to take that place in the industry and solve the issues popping up in the film industry. But then, Chiranjeevi has time and again indirectly clarified that he can’t be available all the time due to his work and other commitments, industry folks are actually looking forward to leadership. On the downside, hurt with these comments that Chiranjeevi is failing to replace Dasari, mega fans are busy saying “Megastar is not sitting idle to do settlements”.

Of course, mega fans are right, but this issue is related to his own movie and maybe his interference would have added a bit of ‘eldership’ and matured outlook to the whole happening, even though writer Rajesh is said to be acting on the news he got from websites rather knowing the real story of Acharya movie. Surely, everyone is waiting to see Chiru responding on this issue, isn’t it?

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