Rajamouli Trolled For Comparing Hrithik & Prabhas In A Old Video!

SS Rajamouli is getting trolled heavily by a section of fans. Hrithik Roshan’s die-hard fans are trolling Rajamouli for his comments on their favourite star whom he compared with Prabhas.

Rajamouli in the video said Hrithik Roshan was “nothing” compared to Prabhas. This speech of Rajamouli was made during the trailer launch of Billa in 2008. Rajamouli made this comparison between Hrithik and Prabhas after seeing some visuals of Billa. 

The old clip of Rajamouli resurfaced on Reddit. In the video, Rajamouli commented, “When Dhoom 2 released two years ago, I wondered why only Bollywood can make such quality films.

Don’t we have heroes like Hrithik Roshan? I just saw a song, poster and trailer of Billa, and I can only say one thing. Hrithik Roshan is nothing in front of Prabhas. I’d like to thank Meher Ramesh (director) for taking Telugu cinema to Hollywood level.”

This invited heavy criticism from Hrithik’s fans who trolled Rajamouli. Meanwhile, the old clip of Rajamouli’s speech went viral.