Can This Emotional Story End Young Hero’s Woes?

With his debut film “Paper Boy”, young hero Santosh Shoban proved himself as a bundle of acting talent. But all the theatre-acting he has done, and the energy he included in the characters he played, will work out only if a film clicks. Unfortunately, none of his recent films worked, putting him in a fix.

Though “Ek Mini Katha” won acclaimed for being a good film when released on Amazon Prime Video, definitely the film’s content is not up to the mark. Because when it comes to stories dealing with things like erectile dysfunction and other male issues, Bollywood and OTT folks are doing it much better. Then came Maruthi’s Manchirojulyochai, but that film failed to click even as an average-farrer.

Putting all of his hopes on Like Share Subscribe, Sobhan felt that this movie will end his woes. But it added more to them, as the film’s passable content and lack of depth in the story failed big time. That almost made the audience question the choices of this young hero. He is now coming up with Kalyanam Kamaneeyam whose trailer got released other day.

One look at the trailer and it would give us a feeling of watching the Telugu version of Bollywood’s “Ki and Ka” movie. At the same time, there are a lot of films where the protagonist is jobless but has to finally find a job due to the heroine including ‘7/G Brundavan Colony’. However, if Santosh’s movie could deal with the thing better which could be relatable to new-age couples, then the film surely works. Let’s see what happens.