This Young Hero Gets Sandwiched!

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam
Kalyanam Kamaneeyam

Producer Dil Raju announced the postponement of Vijay’s Vaarasudu (Telugu) release and shifted it from 11th Jan to 14th Jan. He stated that he love cinema and he wants to support to Telugu star heroes Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi and their films.

No doubt, this is a welcome gesture. However, who has got sandwiched in this whole issue is Santosh Shoban’s Kalyanam Kamaneeyam that is bankrolled by UV Creations.

In the whole episode of Sankranthi releases, the one who became helpless and victim is Santosh Shoban. Among all the Pongal films, the trailer of Kalyanam Kamaneeyam came first. But sadly, it is getting sidelined due to releases of four big star films. 

Still, Santosh is confident on his film’s success. He shares that there is space for a small for Pongal and that is exactly his Kalyanam Kamaneeyam. The film tells the story of a new-age couple and woes of husband who is forced to take up a job. Santosh says that the film is a feel-good youthful romance and hopeful of working. 

In total there are five releases. Of which Ajith’s Thegimpu (Thunivu) and Vijay’s Vaarasudu (Various) have big craze in Tamil. In Telugu, After Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya, Santosh’s Kalyanam is straight Telugu film. So, 3 Telugu films for Pongal festival is common as per Santosh and the team UV. Let’s wait and see what is in store for this young hero.