How To Spoil An Iconic Romantic Song? Watch This

With MM Keeravani being the ’trending’ person at the given moment, it looks like the ones who have the rights to his old songs will be bringing the new versions of those songs. But then, with Supreme Court himself giving a ruling that any music owned by a particular label could be remixed and released in any format as the companies will have all the rights, there is no stopping to this, however, one thing should be taken care of. 

Here comes the new version of MM Keeravani’s iconic romantic song “Telusa Manasa” which also came in Hindi as “Tu Mile Dil Khile’. While the song’s tune itself is an evergreen soul-stirring one, the music composition is also quite catchy one. At the same time, the visuals shot by director Mahesh Bhat with Nagarjuna and Manisha Koirala are romantic and there is no other song that could beat this chemistry.

But in the latest version of the song, while the tune is no more magical for some newest additions, the visual aesthetic is also mediocre. Definitely, the romance and love in the original are missing here, as this song looks like more of lusty one. Neither the leading man nor the heroine Larissa Bonesi succeeded in grabbing the attention with their looks and chemistry.

This is how one should not spoil an iconic song in the first place, feel music lovers, especially the fans of MM Keeravani. Check out the song and let us know if you have got a similar feeling too!