Balayya’s ‘Akkineni Tokkineni’ Sparks Outrage!

Knowing for his tongue slips many times, other day Nandamuri Balakrishna is at it again at the success-meet of Veera Simha Reddy. Though he commented casually, it is now spiralling into a big controversy of sorts as it sparked outrage among Akkineni fans.

With Balayya using the word “Akkineni-Thokkineni”, that too on the death anniversary of legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao (Jan 22), some fans of the legendary actor are now fuming at Balayya for his callous attitude. Talking about the way he spent time on the sets of Veera Simha Reddy with producer Naveen and other artists, Balayya said, “We used to have lots of fun on the sets discussing Vedalu, Sastralu, Nannagaru, Dialogues, Aah Rangarao, Ee Akkineni-Thokkinei and other stuff”.

While Balayya’s intention seems to be saying that they used to discuss everything related to films whether that is about NTR, ANR or SV Rangarao, definitely his comments are understood in both good and bad ways. He has this casual slip of the tongue as we usually make out such rhyming words which sound like gibberish, to explain certain things. Otherwise, there is nothing harsh or anything disrespectfully said there to demean ANR and his stature.

But then, public figures like Balayya should speak carefully while giving speeches and probably he should tender an apology now for his ‘akkineni-tokkineni’ comment as it hurt a section of movie lovers.