Pic Talk: Santoor Girl’s Lingerie Treat From Bed

Some models are popular just for one particular advertisement and there will be no looking back for them in the modelling circuits after that. One such model is none other than this Kashmiri Pandit girl Sandeepa Dhar who was raised in Bangalore. Other day, she gave a stunning treat of sorts to the social media users. 

“Stop looking, you got me blushing”, says hottie Sandeepa Dhar as she slips into white and saucy lingerie. And she also pointed out that she entered into that clinomania mode, which means the excessive desire to remain in bed. Flaunting her slope-like back as she flaunts it effortlessly in the lingerie while rolling over in the bed and sensuously looking into the eyes of the onlooker, surely she has bowled out many hearts with a clean yorker there. 

On the other hand, Sandeepa is a good dancer and her reels get terrific views. But then, she’s not clicking big time in films as she never made a mark there. Right now, she’s trying to spread some attention with these ravishing pictures such that some offers might come her way. Let’s see what happens.