Zero Promotions In Telugu For This Malayalam Blockbuster

Irrespective of language, the Telugu audience has been loving content-oriented films lately. Even the recently released ‘Kantara’ is one of the biggest proofs of the same.

Though the movie featuring Kannada superstar Rishabh Shetty entirely revolved around the cultures and tradition of Karnataka, the Telugu audience showered the same love and made the film blockbuster even in Tollywood.

This made the star Tollywood producer Allu Aravind realise that only content matters for a film to strike big in Telugu. On this note, Allu Aravind recently dubbed and released a Malayalam blockbuster film, ‘Malikapuram’ in Telugu. Unni mukundan who played a key role in Anushka ‘Bhaagamathie’ and also the villain role in Samantha’s recent outing ‘Yashoda’ played the lead role in this Malayalam film.

Touted to be a Hindu religious drama, the story revolves around Unni Mukundan who desperately wants to visit Sabarimala. The film which revolves around the devotees of Ayyappa Swamy and the sacred Ayyappa Mala also has family and child sentiment which became a blockbuster in Kerala.

The movie also got dubbed and released in Telugu but the reason why Allu Aravind hasn’t promoted the film became a hot topic. The movie unit went to Chennai for promoting the Tamil version as well but no such promotional event happened in Telugu and the movie is still unnoticed by most of the audience.

As Sudheer Babu’s ‘Hunt’ which released this week also failed to gain much hype, ‘Malikapuram’ has a potential to take good advantage of the present situation in Telugu and could have scored big. But the lack of promotions for a potential film like this is still shocking the fans.