I Saw Pawan Kalyan In Ravi Teja: Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Waltair Veerayya is turning out to be the Sankranti winner and today the team celebrated Veerayya Vijaya Viharam in Warangal with Ram Charan gracing the occasion as a special guest. It was a huge success with the crowd attending in big numbers.

Producer Naveen Yerneni said, “A movie is termed hit if it reaches the breakeven mark. If the buyer gets a 20% commission, then it will be called a blockbuster. And what will we call, if there are overflows? Waltair Veerayya is an industry hit. We are surprised to see the collections every day.”

Director Bobby said, “Annayya Chiranjeevi came in 80s. He gave another gift in the name of Power star Pawan Kalyan in 90s. Again after 10 years, we got Ram Charan. After 10 years, he scored the biggest blockbuster with Waltair Veerayya. When Annayya came to know about my father’s health condition, he called him to the sets and promised that Waltair Veerayya would become a blockbuster. Only 30% of the shoot was done by then. Initially, there was a dialogue in a song. But DSP suggested me to remove it. As Annayya said, there is no Waltair Veerayya without Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja did other assignments aside for this movie.”

Ram Charan said, “When we went to California for Golden Globe Awards, a journalist told me that we created a trend of people dancing in theatres. They will be surprised to see the massive crowd and the cheers here. I first need to congratulate the Blockbuster producers. They are the only producers who gave memorable and industry blockbusters to many stars. Few producers need to learn from them how majestically films should be made.

My father looked like my brother in the movie. I came here as one of the fans. I didn’t tell my dad how much I enjoyed the movie. Ravi Teja did a serious character, yet he made us enjoy his sequences. DSP gave wonderful music for the movie. Ravi Teja utters a dialogue in the police station scene. You accepted it because he is like a brother to Nanna. Other than family members and fans, no one has the right to make comments on Nanna. He is quiet. If he speaks loudly, we can’t imagine, how it would be. Though he’s quiet, we are not. We are telling gently, we’re not quiet.”

Chiranjeevi said, “It’s been so long, I came here. I still remember the memories of doing a road show in the name of Praja Ankitha Yatra in Warangal. It’s more or less the same today. We forecast that this movie will become a blockbuster. But we didn’t predict this kind of hit. It became a non-Baahubali, non-RRR and non-SSR hit. It’s not an ordinary hit. It’s close to 250 Cr gross.

My character in the movie reminded everyone my classic hits- Gang Leader, Gharana Mogudu, and Rowdy Alludu. Bobby dreamed to make a movie with me and he delivered a blockbuster today. Like how Khaidi gave me stardom, Waltair Veerayya made him a star director. It gave him star status. I became his fan, after seeing all his hard work. He made the movie with proper planning, so that the budget was not increased.

Charan during Rangasthalam shoot said he loved the working style and the comforts provided by the producers. I gave my word to do a movie with them. Charan showed Vishwaroopam in RRR. Congrats to NTR, Keeravani, Rajamouli, and Chandrabose for Golden Globe Award and for the Oscar nomination. It’s a proud moment for us. It’s a fantastic achievement.

I saw Pawan Kalyan in Ravi Teja in the emotional episode. In fact, the scene came out well, because of that reason. I didn’t use glycerine for the scene. To elevate the death scene, I did the kissing act in the wall poster scene.

I’m a gentleman outside, but I have got that naughtiness inside. People ask me how I look young. Once I wear make-up, I will transform myself completely. Today, I got more love than I expected.”