Pawan Kalyan’s OG – They Are Just Rumours

Finally, breaking down all the talk around, Pawan Kalyan has launched another new film. This will be directed by none other than Sujith Reddy of Saaho and Run Raja Fame, and it is titled “Original Gangster” much to the excitement of fans. However, a rumour doing rounds about #OG in the last two days has shaken up fans. 

While fans are initially worried that #OG might be another remake movie, Sujith has proved his critics wrong with the posters and the announcement, as they spoke loudly that it is an original story. After that rumour wiped off, it has come out that Pawan Kalyan will have neither fights nor dance numbers in this movie. That started to worry fans again as the lack of fights and songs won’t make the film work in B&C centres for sure. 

However, sources close to the makers have today informed that they are just rumours. The film will have two star heroines, and there will be nearly six songs in the movie. The movie will be just another massive atomic version of Panjaa and Saaho if we have to say, and there will be many commercial moments inside. So fans need not worry about the rumour around. 

But the big question is, with Pawan Kalyan not completing Hari Hara Veera Mallu yet, and giving a commitment to Harish Shankar’s Ustaad Bhagat Singh later, when will #OG go to sets, and will it be wrapped before the 2024 elections is something we have to see. For now, the chances are slim we have to say.