#Nani30 Event Proves No Rifts Between Producers

Ever since Nani’s new film got announced with Mohan Cherukuri (CVM) and others as producers, huge reports have erupted in the film industry about them. It is because this producer used to be a partner of Mythri Movie Makers earlier, and gossip mongers started spreading that all is not well between partners of Mythri and hence they are splitting like this.

But then, the launch event of #Nani30 has proved that there are no such rifts. Guess what, while the main investors in Mythri happened to be the investors of Anil Sunkara’s 14 Reels earlier. After splitting from them, they started Mythri, and now CVM has split from Mythri to start their own Vyra production house. But all of them happen to be on good terms as they have all attended #Nani30 launch today, and blessed the new producers.

Sometimes to grow more in the business one has to split from their current partnerships and grow big. There are many such instances like how DVV Danayya and Haarika China Babu used to produce together, but then split and created their own empires in the Telugu industry. So, whenever a partner of a big production company is starting his own venture, it doesn’t mean they have differences. It’s just they want to grow individually.