Is This Superstar’s Indirect Punch To Right-Wingers?

After a long time, Superstar Shahrukh Khan has scored a blockbuster at the box office with “Pathaan”. The range is so huge that it is going to cross the ₹600 crores mark and in the USA the trade is estimating that it will beat #RRR collection of $14 million as well. And for the first time, other day SRK interacted with the media to share their success and his words.

Other day at the media meet, the Superstar has actually made some interesting comments about the inclusivity they are showcasing in films. “Deepika Padukone is Amar, I’m Akbar and John Abraham is Anotny, and that’s the kind of inclusivity we have shown in the film”, said SRK, to a question.

Apparently, it is indicating that how people from different religions are together in a film to entertain people. Probably that directly hints at the attack and boycott calls Pathaan has faced due to the orange colored bikini that Deepika wore in Besharam Rang song.

Observers are saying that SRK didn’t make it very clear but actually this is an indirect punch to all those attackers who tried to pull down Pathaan. All said and done, with Pathaan making it big at the box office, even the superstar forgot about all the attacks that were made against the film and him, and enjoyed the success to the core.