NBK X PSPK Power Finale: Mostly Known Facts With Some Sparkles

The long-anticipated power finale of Unstoppable with NBK with Pawan Kalyan is streaming now. The show is obviously a super special one, but there are mostly known facts in the interesting conversations between Balayya and Pawan Kalyan with some sparkles.

Pawan Kalyan maintained his usual subtle composure throughout the show, but he cracked some timely one-liners. From saying ‘Show start avvakundane chamatalu padutunnayi’ to many more, Pawan Kalyan did his best for a talk show.

From revealing his most embarrassing moment to his relationship with Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan opened up on the show.

The interesting revelations also have Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram’s friendship and how they fight on their first meeting during ‘Athadu’ narration where Pawan Kalyan allegedly fell asleep. Pawan Kalyan also said he would treat Trivikra as a ‘guruvu’ and he calls him ‘Gurubhai’.

Pawan Kalyan gave it back on the ‘3 marriages’ comment in political meetings many a time, but for the first time, he explained how and why it all happened. Pawan said he leads a conventional life, but there were differences in opinions and circumstances that led to three marriages. Pawan said, ‘there is no guilt in what I have done. I did not marry all of them at once.’

Pawan Kalyan explained how his marriages has become a political criticism weapon, and also how his self-righteousness that’s stopping him from commenting on the personal lives of many politicians.

Sai Dharam Tej also made his presence felt. Powerstar and Balayya’s camaraderie worked really well for the show. It has to be seen how the second part enthralls the audience.