‘Content-Centric’ Week For Box Office

A good number of small to medium-range movies hit screens in a week. Some of them grab attention while most others vanish into thin air. This week is different. Three content-centric movies are clashing at the box office and it is going to be very interesting.

The three movies coming this Friday are Writer Padma Bhushan, Michael, and Butta Bomma. Writer Padmabhushan has actor Suhas and others, and the movie garnered expectations with the captivating trailer and concept. Suhan is appearing in the lead role of Writer Padmabhushan produced by Chaibisket owners. The team is so confident that they arranged Thursday premieres in many locations before the actual release.

The second one is Sundeep Kishan’s Michael. This movie also attracted good attention from all corners with the trailer. Also, star performers like Vijay Sethupathi are an additional asset for the movie that has an intriguing setup and twists in the ’80s and 90s backdrop.

The next one is Butta Bomma, the official remake of Malayalam sensation Kappela. Anaika, Arjun Das, and Surya Vasisth are acting in the lead roles in the film, which has a gripping story to tell. The story and also the screenplay of Butta Bomma are expected to make it a sensation in Telugu as well.

All these three movies are complete content based and each one is unique in its own style. It has to be seen how these films fare at box office and who will grab the spotlight.