Amigos Trailer : Triple Dhamaka

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s next release is Amigos on February 10th, 2023. The film reached into everyone’s heart and mind with the Promotional content. Impressive teaser and songs raised the hype on this interesting film. Today with the striking trailer, makers took it to next level.

Going by the trailer, it all starts with NIA chasing a notorious criminal and the department calls him Indian Pablo Escobar. Kalyan Ram, on the other hand, falls in love with the gorgeous Ashika Ranganath, and the pair looks great on screen.

The three doppelgangers cross paths due to unknown circumstances. They have a good camaraderie, and when everyone thought everything was going well, the twist in the story surprises them. What’s the connection between dopplegangers? And how they ended up entangled in the chaos? We have to wait till February 10th to know.

The slick and stylish action, as well as Kalyan Ram’s dapper appearance, impresses. It appears that he is playing once again a negative shades character and his full beard look with macho swag is terrific. Ghibran arresting background score and Soundar Rajan S rich visuals impresses.

Mythri Movie Makers produced this film, which is written and directed by Rajendra Reddy. Ashika Ranganath is the female lead, and Ghibran is scoring the tunes. The film is releasing worldwide on February 10th.