Trending: LCU Fan Theories Build Hype Around LEO

After Master, Thalapathy Vijay and director Lokesh Kanagaraj teamed up for another film. This project was launched a couple of days ago. The title of this movie was revealed the other day with a teaser. Titled Leo, this flick will be a part of Lokesh’s Cinematic Universe.

The teaser has a lot of easter eggs and right after its release, fans started connecting the dots with LCU’s previous films Kaithi and Vikram. Here are some fan theories that are going viral on social media.

1. In one of the shots of the teaser, we can see a masked gang travelling in cars. This masked gang resembles Kamal Haasan’s team from Vikram.

2. In another shot, we see another gang in cars at night. Fans are predicting this team is headed by Rolex.

3. In the teaser, we can see Vijay holding a bean. It is an Erythoxylum seed which is the primary source of cocaine. Kamal Haasan also mentions Erythoxylum in Vikram. With this teaser, it is assumed that Vijay is an Erythoxylum dealer in the movie.

4. In Kaithi, we can see Karthi saying that he worked in a bakery for three years when he was in prison. Fans are assuming that in that way, there might be a connection between Dilli (Karthi) and Leo (Vijay).

All these are just fan theories as of now but are also building hype around Leo. To know the truth in these theories, we have to wait for the release. Leo’s shoot is expected to begin soon. It may hit the screens early next year.