Prabhas’s Adipurush: Then Nayanthara, Now Kiara Advani

It is almost a unanimous opinion that Prabhas will be the best option as Lord Rama in Adipurush if the movie is all about Ramayan. In the role of Sita, Kiara Advani’s name is being heard and the director also Om Raut did not condemn anything about the rumors.

But many were seen contradicting with the filmmakers’ rumored opinion on casting the beautiful Kiara Advani as Sita. There are folks on social media who have been demanding and requesting the director to withdraw the plans of bringing on Kiara Advani as Sita. The reason is that she was earlier seen in bold scenes like the ‘vibrator’ scene of Lust Stories and also her junkie role in ‘Guilty’.

Their plead is that they do not want to see an actress with a bold image in the role of Sita. Well, the same disapproval was raised when the legendary director Bapu was considering Nayanthara for the role of Sita in Balayya’s Sri Rama Rajyam. The reasons were also the same as Nayanthara then had a bold image as hot actress and her past relationships turned to add ons.

Well, that dissent and protest could not stop Nayanthara from playing the role of Sita, and we all know how well she performed and brilliance in the role out shadowed Balayya in Rama’s role too. They are all the actors and their performances were to be looked at as a role play they were given but not their real character.

It has to be seen if the heat grows to pressure the director to go for another actress instead of Kiara Advani if at all he is already considering her for that role in Adipurush. For now, Prabhas will be seen in the lead role and Saif Ali Khan will be seen in the negative role as Lankesh.