Viral: Pawaneshwara.. Bandla Ganesh vs Pawan Fans

Actor-producer Bandla Ganesh claims himself as one of the biggest devotees of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. His popular audio launch speeches about Pawan Kalyan have a huge fan base as well. His line ‘Eeshwara… Powereshwara… Pawaneshwara’ went viral all over Telugu states and is still used by many fans.

A fan with such devotion is now being trolled by other fans. It all started with the premiere of Pawan Kalyan’s episode from Unstoppable with NBK season 2. In the episode, Pawan says that he didn’t get the remuneration he expected for Gabbar Singh.

“He (Bandla Ganesh) gave what he can afford. He didn’t pay me what I expected,” said Pawan Kalyan in the interaction.

This statement went viral on social media. A fan shared the clip and criticized Bandla Ganesh. The latter replied to the tweet and abused the fan for making false allegations. This Twitter war also went viral on social media. Soon, Ganesh deleted the tweet.

On the whole, a small statement by Pawan about the 10-year-old Gabbar Singh sparked a fight between Bandla Ganesh and Pawan fans.