Danger Bells Ringing For Another Telugu Hero

Picking up the right scripts is always essential for any hero to survive in the film industry for a longer period of time. Choosing the wrongs scripts will pave the way to the exit door or the scene will come where big directors and terrific stories won’t come their way. The likes of Varun Sandesh and Raj Tarun are examples of this scenario.

Right now, similar danger bells are ringing for another Telugu hero and he is none other than Sandeep Kishan. While the hero promoted that he worked really hard for his latest release “Michael”, many thought that they are going to experience a cinematic feast.

But after watching this film, one could easily say that Sandeep is always running after the mass image and heroism, but never focusing on films that have content-centric and author-backed roles.

His last films like A1 Express and Gully Rowdy also had these elevations and heroism stuff which didn’t work at the box office. Even now, his latest film has him playing a don’s right hand like Pawan Kalyan in Panjaa with KGF range elevations.

But the audience won’t buy into those massy stuff unless the rest of the story is engaging. If Sandeep continues to do the same, then surely he will lose the patronage of the audience.