Now, Nurses Hurt With Balakrishna’s Comments

Unstoppable 2

Nandamuri Balakrishna often lands in controversies due to his ‘loose’ statements. Recently, he was criticized for demeaning legendary actors like Akkineni Nageshwara Rao and SV Ranga Rao. Later, he had to clarify that his intention was not to demean them.

Once again, Balayya landed in a controversy. This time, he is facing the wrath of the nursing community. In the latest episode of his talk show Unstoppable, Balakrishna made objectionable comments against nurses. He told guest Pawan Kalyan that he had to be admitted to a hospital once due to an accident.

“I was asked to tell doctors that it was not an accident. But after watching the beautiful nurse there, I had to say that I met with an accident,” said Balakrishna.

His verbal usage didn’t go well with the nursing community. Thus, they staged a protest against him and are demanding an apology. Andhra Pradesh Nursing Welfare Association’s President Swachanda Prasad condemned Balakrishna’s words and demanded an apology.

He warned that the repercussions will be severe if Balakrishna doesn’t respond to the issue. As the protests got intensified, we have to see if Balayya comes out and apologises to the nursing community.