A Free Hit Offer For Kalyan Ram’s Amigos

Kalyan Ram is given almost an open ground for his Amigos release, just like a free hit in cricket. The actor is coming with his ‘Amigos’ on February 10th release and if we look around, all the factors are working in favor of him.

For the first time in his career, Kalyan Ram is appearing in a triple role and this movie is also an experiment like his previous movie Bimbisara. The teaser and trailer raised expectations and NTR’s presence at the pre-release event provided enough hype for the film.

Already with his previous film Bimbisara becoming a blockbuster, Kalyan Ram’s Amigos is sure to enjoy the good openings. Apart from that, Amigos has no competition at the box office. Though Upendra’s Kabzaa is hitting the theaters on the same day, Amigos will have an upper hand in buzz. Another movie ‘Popcorn’ is releasing but it may not have any impact on Amigos.

If at all the different content he tried gets a decent talk, Kalyan Ram’s Amigos will be minting money like Bimbisara. At least Bimbisara had a tough fight from Sita Ramam then. It has to be seen how Kalyan Ram impresses the audience with his ‘Amigos’.