Who Did Harish Shankar Throw The Satire On?

A recent incident on Vijay Deverakonda and Parasuram’s new movie announcement in Dil Raju’s production is heard to have irked Allu Aravind. It is heard that Allu Aravind was not just upset about the combination announcement, but is very angry about it. We all know how he called for a press meeting and canceled before the evening.

The rumors had it that Allu Aravind is upset with Dil Raju while some say that he is angry with Parasuram. Amid this controversy, a comment from Harish Shankar is attracting significance.

Harish Shankar attended the trailer launch of Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha. He spoke about his friendship with Allu Aravind and Bunny Vas. During his speech, some of his words appear to be a satire on someone in recent happenings.

Harish Shankar said, ‘There are producers who invest money and come only to check the final copy. But producers like Allu Aravind take care from the stage of the script. Having friends like him is a blessing. Losing his friendship is a misfortune. I can’t tell anything else.’

Well, it is not clear who Harish Shankar throw these satires on, but many are attributing these to the recent incident.