Prabhas’ Fever News Turned Unnecessary Sensation

A couple of weeks ago, a few crew members from the team of “Project K” had a funny banter on Twitter where one of them revealed that actually the shoot got paused as Prabhas is down with a fever. That was made into news by a film critic who gave it like an exclusive update to all the other Prabhas’ fans out there. And here comes the next.

In fact, Prabhas is actually down with a normal fever only but doctors advised him to take rest because he is taking part in the action-schedule of the movie for a long time.

However, from Telugu media folks to many other Bollywood critics, they have highlighted this as big news as if Prabhas is down with some big illness. Now, every Bollywood portal and media house is talking about this fever of Prabhas.

One wonders if they are no other important news than the fever of Prabhas that has to be talked about big time. Well, other day they also made the news of the rumoured engagement of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon a big deal too. Of course, we know that Prabhas is a pan-India sensation that doesn’t mean every silly news about him should be blown out of proportion and promoted.